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Client Feedback

We are as good as our last project. That is why our clients remain with us.

“Lonny Phelps is one of the best Engineers I have worked with and he sees things from a more realistic approach. Any engineer can produce technical drawings on paper but they don’t always work. Phelps engineering is successful by taking drawings and implementing them in the real world and the affiliates that are involved truly understand his ideas and solutions.”
Doug Redmond ,City Manager, City of Portales-Master Plan

“I have been working with Phelps Engineering Services for over 10 years and they are solution orientated. The team at Phelps can resolve very difficult challenges on projects with a successful outcome.”
Scott Carlson- The Lanterns, Town of Castle Rock

“Phelps Engineering Services is a great firm to collaborate with and demonstrates flexibility and adaption to project timelines and schedules. Their engineers are open minded when it comes to reaching solutions.”
Paul McMahon, PLA, CID, Landscape Architect – KB Villas I, II