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Enhancing Communities, Diminishing Impacts

Residential Civil Engineer

Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. provides full engineering services for single and multi family residential units.

Our civil engineers take pride in planning, engineering and designing our communities.

Our in-house engineering and surveying capabilities are ideal for the needs of single and residential developments. We become involved from the very beginning by providing the initial due diligence and geotechnical engineering that becomes the overall foundation for designing and planning the development.

We work with the client and other consultants involved to develop various site concepts to maximize the lot yield while adhering to County Zoning and Planning Regulations. We have the expertise for making the most of every acre and creating a plan that is beneficial to both the developer and to the end user.

Our engineers coordinate the platting through the various ownerships and participate in the necessary meetings and collaboration required with all of the outside agencies. As part of our engineering for the developer we also analyzes the hydrology to determine peak flows and sized inlets, storm sewer and detention basins to successfully convey flow from newly developed commercial areas to new and existing storm sewers, roads and sidewalks. We facilitate any zoning and or platting issues with the local municipality and help with the permitting process.

During the construction phase we offer our construction management services if requested.

To see the results and benefit derived from our engineering services, we encourage you to review our portfolio.