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Mission, Vision, Values

Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. is comprised of a team of dedicated, innovative thinkers that are solution orientated. We respect our clients first and foremost. We maintain focus on our Clients’ interests daily, where success is our end result.

At Phelps Engineering our environment is one that we take the time to get to know you as we strive to develop a strong, trusting relationship.

You can rely on our experience, knowledge and dedication so as a team we succeed in the goals presented. We provide continuity throughout the development process. Our project management team has the skills to plan and coordinate what needs to get done on every project with the expertise to streamline the process. We work with managing all of the counter parts.

Our employees at Phelps Engineering Services Inc. believe:

  • Our Client is our top priority.
  • Respect our clients and the people with work with.
  • We never give up.
  • Build a foundation that provides strong, trusting relationships.
  • Ensure integrity and honesty in our daily associations.
  • We honor our promises and agreements.
  • Be patient and diligent in solving issues.
  • Hold true to our principles and values.

Our vision at Phelps Engineering is to create a sustainable culture for workability, freedom and possibility and to achieve exceptional performance in our work.
We value our principles as a working example by living with integrity in all that we do, we never compromise our values. We persevere to seek solutions  in our world of engineering.

When our licensed engineer stamps the drawings with our seal, it represents our high standards for ethics and quality assurance. We stand behind it to show that we have met or exceeded the requirements of the project. It is our visible commitment that signifies our responsibility and dedication to the project.