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Mt. Princeton Hotel and Conference Center


Mt. Princeton forty eight condominium mountainside units


Lowry Vista Redevelopment

Lowry Vista RedevelopmentThe Lowry Vista project is the redevelopment of a brownfield site used as a landfill for the former Lowry Air force Base along Alameda Avenue between Xenia and Dayton Streets in Denver, Colorado. The proposed redevelopment has been approved for a mixed-use of retail, office and commercial, multifamily and assisted living. There will also be about 17 acres of open space with passive parks and trails adjacent to the wetlands and wildlife area associated with the Westerly Creek dam. Phelps Engineering is responsible for the infrastructure design and city approvals for the improvements to serve the potential end-users of the project. Several unique challenges arise with the design at this site. The landfill was capped with a low permeability material to prevent water intrusion into the landfill and leaching of potential hazardous materials into the groundwater. Site grading and the depth of proposed utilities must be minimized to reduce the impact on the landfill cap. Any disturbance to the cap must be restored under the close scrutiny of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The site is partially located within the Possible Maximum Flood Pool of the Westerly Creek dam. Earthwork within the flood pool is needed to raise that portion of the site above flood elevations and protect future buildings. However, the volume of flood waters stored behind the dam cannot be reduced. Excavation within the open space areas is proposed to equalize the volume lost to fill. These activities will require the review and approval of the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.