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Chaffee County Economic Development Plan

Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. recently completed an economic development plan with the SpacGroup from Pueblo and Nuzer Kopatz of Denver. Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. is contracted through the SpacGroup to complete an existing data profile of Chaffee County.

The scope of work includes:

  • Establish a county profile of the current conditions based on existing plans, re-ports demographics, housing and business trends, and capacities. The consultant will work with the client in collecting available data, and compile maps and reports. Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. produced a summary report of findings based on the data to best illustrate and document current conditions, trends, opportunities and constraints.
  • Compile and review current regularity conditions based on existing comprehensive plans, zoning codes, subdivision regulations, intergovernmental agreement, and permitting processes.
  • Identify/understand/clarify the entitlement and permitting process for each jurisdiction.
  • Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. compiled available data on land use and land availability
  • Evaluate the potential for using GIS resources for economic development.
  •  Research and compile all information and data related to existing and currently proposed infrastructure.
  • Research and compile all information and data on current service areas along with current and/ or growth boundaries.
  • Review existing infrastructure plans to support current land use and any current targeted growth areas to identify capacity
  • Prepare a preliminary report of findings to identify opportunities, strengths and constraints/weaknesses for economic development, based on the review of the existing profile data.

This project for Chaffee County highlights the development services capabilities and diversity of Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. Due diligence and understanding the development process for Chaffee County and how to utilize this information with the Economic Development Corporation is key to the success of this project.