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Retail / Commercial

Our team at Phelps Engineering is an extension of yours- our goal is to provide you with single source responsibility to produce positive results.

Retail engineering projects can be a small as a single store or as large as a shopping center. Specific surveying and GIS mapping is the foundation. Our engineers then develop and present to you a plan for the project that addresses the physical restrictions of the land, reflecting the client’s concerns and goals for the property. Road design may be involved to connect the various parts and address traffic flow.

Commercial engineering is an area of engineering that requires a diverse skill set. It deals with any project that seeks monetary gain as a result.

We provide services for land planning, feasibility studies, surveying, water resources, designing the infrastructure, providing construction documents and well as support in managing the construction.

At Phelps Engineering our long standing relationships with jurisdictions allows us to achieve timely project approval.