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Drainage Design

We provide extensive services in drainage design, comprehensive storm water management, flood control, hydraulic analysis, conveyance and integrated site design for new development and redevelopment.

We recognize the importance of properly managed drainage design for communities. Our experts develop cost-effective stormwater management and stormwater pollution prevention plans, as well as perform stormwater infrastructure design, outfall mapping, and other related work. From reservoir modeling to power generation, we collaborate with local and state agencies to develop best-management practices manuals and low-impact development design standards. Our services include industry-leading modeling, capital improvement planning, financial analysis, and stormwater management systems design.
Phelps Engineering holds current certifications in Flood Plain Management to ensure you that we follow the specific guidelines and criteria needed to meet the necessary requirements.

We utilize the following software:

HEC-RAS – for hydraulic analysis of channels and culverts/bridges crossing roadways
FlowMaster – for hydraulic sizing and analysis of culverts
EPA SWMM — a simulation model used for determining runoff from subcatchment areas and then routing these runoff flows through a conveyance system of pipes, channels, storage/treatment devices, pumps, and regulators
UD-Sewer – for the hydraulic analysis of storm drain piping systems
StormCAD – for the hydraulic analysis of storm drain piping systems