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Infrastructure Planning

Phelps Engineering Services, Inc. applies proven techniques, effective technology and a leading edge approach to partner with you to achieve your planning objectives. We provide valuable insight to deliver road, utility and drainage projects.

At Phelps Engineering Services Inc., we understand current economic realities and infrastructure deficits. We are aware of the complexity of the project and the funding challenges.

Our engineers provide an evaluation or an assessment of the needed utilities and roadways required to serve an area or community. This would also include the potential for water treatment, distribution or wastewater treatment and any storm drainage facilities to convey runoff from localized runoff to major drainage conveyance and detention. This planning effort is usually completed at the beginning of a project to assess the most cost effective solutions. This planning effort should include a life-cycle cost analysis with maintenance requirements.

We provide the following services:

  • Alternative Site Layout Analysis
  • Water and Sewer Planning and Layout
  • Drainage Review, Planning and Layout
  • Water Supply Reports/Well Design/Hydrogeology Coordination
  • Environmental Impact Related to Water Quality
  • Assist and Coordinate the Planning with Power, Telephone, & Broadband
  • Water and Wastewater Facility Requirements and Alternative Analysis
  • Roadway System Planning and Layout
  • Identification of Regulatory Requirements/Constraints